Registration is now closed for our current challenge

This challenge lasts for three months and starts new every quarter:
Next challenge: January 1, 2020 through March 31, 2020

How to Qualify

  • Must be consistently using Reliv products during the three-month challenge
  • Commit to implementing lifestyle changes and making better choices as promoted by the Fit3 program
  • Registration details will be shared 
  • Post one social media post per week to your personal page; Weekly instructions and suggestions will be provided to participants
  • Provide before and after pictures, along with a 100-word impact statement or 60-second video story (submitted within 10 days of the challenge end date)
  • Consent to use of images and your story in Reliv marketing materials

How to Win

  • Lose 10 pounds or more during the three-month challenge
  • Or, provide other measurable results that may be considered on an individual basis

Prize Package

  • All participants who successfully complete the three-month challenge will receive an exclusive challenge T-shirt (limit 1 shirt per calendar year) AND  $100 product credit
  • One winner will be selected (by Reliv Sales and Marketing) based on his/her submitted story and results for a $500 cash prize

Congratulations to Our Q3 2020 Champions!

Women’s Division

Champion:  $500 Cash
Nicole Martineau

“This challenge made me realize that I am the one in charge of my health and fitness! I am wearing clothes that haven’t fit for a long time! I have more confidence and energy, and kicked the habit of eating for comfort or boredom. With small changes and good nutrition choices, I lost 26 pounds and 10.75 inches during the challenge.”

Runner Up:  $250 product credit
Cynthia Hesslink

“I have made health and fitness a lifestyle not a short term goal or hobby. This lifestyle improves creativity, teaches discipline, adaptability and balance. It allows me to not only look and feel better, but to be the best version of me for my family and those who are important in my life. When you are truly healthy, you are in a better mood and can do more. I have a better quality of life, I am more focused and have a better mental outlook. That makes me a better role model for my children as well. Although my goals did not include losing weight, I did find during this challenge that I not only increased my strength, but transformed my body.

Men’s Division

Champion:  $500 cash
Mike Greenwood

“I am a Reliv Champion because I am not afraid to do the hard work to stay in shape. I joined the challenge to set an example and to show the Reliv community what is possible. If I can go from where I was after a brain tumor and stroke to where I am now, anyone can do it and hopefully I will inspire others with my story. I have completed five Reliv Champions Challenges and at the end of each one, I am a little bit stronger!”

Runner Up:  $250 Product Credit
Barry Williams

“I set a very specific goal for this 90 days to lose some belly fat. I knew I was going to have to change a few things up and get serious if I really wanted to reach that goal. While I can say I broke my habit of late-night snacking, I did add more fruits and vegetables. But the biggest change was in my activity level.  I traded indoor exercising for outdoor work and activities such as mowing, weeding the garden, transplanting, painting, walking, jogging, bicycling and some pushups. I completed a 100-mile jog, walk or bicycle challenge. I was surprised when the challenge ended and I realized that I had lost 10 pounds and 1 ½ inches from my waist!”

Reliv Champions Challenge Q3 2020 
Completed Challenge
Winners of
$100 product credit and t-shirt

Ali Crockett

Angela Malis

Angie Chinn

Barry Williams

Cathy Sudo

Christine Lonsinger

Cynthia Hesslink

Diana Wilder

Deanna Vaughan

Dodi McCune

Garrison Moseley

Jana Jones

Jean Quello

Jessica Rice

Krista Siciliano

Laurie Eaton

Lindsey Macclaren

Lindsey Meyer

Margie Stump

Mary Kathleen Morgan

Mike Greenwood

Mindy Meyer

Nicole Martineau

Rebecca Moseley

Tami Martineau

Teresa Strang

Vicki Grove