Reliv Product Reviews

Running the Race

Name: Eva Popek
Hometown: Wilton, NH
Gig: Reliv, realtor, runs online business
Reliv Regimen: Innergize!®, LunaRich X™, Reliv Now®
New Attitude: A few months ago, if I would take four or five days off from jogging and then try to jog again, it would be hard. Since I started on Reliv in May, anytime I decide to jog it’s like I never stopped.  
New Season: I was on the products for three weeks and my husband (not on the products) complained about his allergy symptoms, but I wasn’t experiencing any. He would say, “Oh, they’re so bad this year!” I would look at him and say, “They are?”
New Role: I wasn’t going to sell Reliv, but I’m getting these results! I have energy and I feel good! I see Reliv as part of my daily life and look forward to sharing it with others as opportunities arise.


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