We Are So Proud of Our Sedona Trip Winners! 

Over the past three months, the following Distributors hopped out of the wagon and started pulling it! (Our founder Robert Montgomery just talked about this at Conference.)

Our Sedona super stars earned a spot as one of our Top 5 (in June, July or August) AND added at least one frontline MA to qualify. Their reward? They’ll soon be spending four days and three nights on us at the stylish Hilton Sedona Resort where they’ll be pampered while they network. If this trip passed you by, the good news is we have our Puerto Vallarta Challenge that ANYBODY and we mean ANYBODY can earn! 

Congratulations To...

Kimberly & Rich Burns, MI*
Cayla Collins, NC
Stephanie & Paul Collins, NH
John & Nathalie Curtin, CA
Karin & Chris Ederer, MN
Diane & Kevin Helmold, IL
David Mahle, GA
Feliciano Mendoza, TX*
Melinda Meyer, OH
Catherine Moran, PA
Julia & Benjamin Murray, CA*
Florence & Elo Sauder, Canada
Sandie & Al Sopko, AZ
Eileen & Jim Tesch, MI
Pam & Dean Thielen, NE
Tom & Linda Tighe, OH
Scott & Dawn Weaver, PA*
Noah Yoder, MI
Dave & Jean Zuro, IL*
*Dr. Ted Plaque Winners






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