Look at all of our Dr. Ted Plaque winners from February! We also want to congratulate our Sandy Montgomery Award winners! 



Cassandra Anderson, IL
Rosemary Bell, MO
David & Betty Blazic, KS
Sue & Bob Brusa, NH
Quila & Jim Buhler, OR
Cayla Collins, NC
Stephanie & Paul Collins, NH
John & Nathalie Curtin, CA
Jennifer Eaves, UT
Nabila Mahbub, MI
David Mahle, GA


Sandy Montgomery Award Winners: 

John & Nathalie Curtin, CA

Congratulations Cancun Promotion Winners!

What a finish to 2016! Reliv congratulates the winners of the Caribbean Dreamin’ promotion in November and December 2016. We will all meet in Cancun, Mexico, in April!

The Top 30 Master Affiliates in volume expanded to 33. Three of the new Master Affiliates who earned the trip through a drawing were sponsored by Top 30 Volume winners. So – we added a 31st, 32nd and 33rd place!



1.     John & Nathalie Curtin from California

2.     David Mahle from Georgia

3.     Stephanie & Paul Collins from New Hampshire

4.     Florence & Elo Sauder from Ontario, Canada

5.     Cayla Collins from North Carolina

6.     Richard  & Linda Vance from California  

7.     Ron & Lisa McCain from Missouri

8.     Crismon & Vivienne Lewis from Oregon

9.     Maureen & Ken Soens from Michigan

10.   Robert & Lauren Laird from California

11.   Dawn & David VanAmberg from Michigan

12.   Terry & Sally Cover from Pennsylvania

13.   Carolyn & Curtis Dumitras from Florida

14.   Eileen & Jim Tesch from Michigan

15.   Scott & Dawn Weaver from Pennsylvania

16.   Doris & Henry Leissing from North Carolina

17.   Kathy Penney from South Carolina

18.   Steve & Dee Ann Lucks from Colorado

19.   Jonathan & Sharon Miller from South Carolina

20.   Rita & Jaime Montenegro from California

21.   Sherri Selman from Georgia

22.   Raul & Aurora Paredes from Texas

23.   Doug & Valerie Opie from Arizona

24.   Kristin & Scott Sears from Washington

25.   Agripina & Rudy Goltiao from California

26.   Susan & Paul Pouliot from New Jersey

27.   Pam & Dean Thielen from Nebraska

28.   Mindy Jones from Georgia

29.   Al & Jan Hagopian from Wisconsin

30.   George & Jeanne Blevins from Georgia

31.   Carla & Quinn Pence from Kansas

32.   David & Betty Blazic from Kansas

33.   Karin & Chris Ederer from Minnesota

*Places 31 - 33 were added due to 3 sponsors already qualifying for the trip.


New Master Affiliate and Sponsor Drawing Winners:

1. Charles Shelton from Maryland and sponsor George & Jeanne Blevins

2.Cristina Reguindin from California and sponsors Robert & Lauren Laird

3. Susie Bailey from Utah and sponsors Doug & Valerie Opie

4. Teresa Rock from Nebraska and sponsor Lori Sassen from Florida

5. Maria Helmold from Kentucky and sponsors Diane & Kevin Helmold





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