3 Months Only!
(May-July) - Not Currently an Active Promotion

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Need a little play money or perhaps some travel money for this summer’s Conference? Now’s your chance to earn a bonus! 


To Qualify:
*Personally break a new Master Affiliate(s) May-July combined and receive a cash bonus! 

One Master Affiliate: $250
Two Master Affiliates: $250
Three Master Affiliates: $500

Break three Master Affiliates and you will earn $1,000!

*Front-line Master Affiliates with 5000 PGPV count towards the bonus (with multiple break Master Affiliates, the first upline sponsor of the 5000 PGPV is awarded the bonus). Current frontline Distributors who are not currently Master Affiliates, but who become Master Affiliates will count. Bonuses can be earned during qualifying month. After earning all three bonuses, you can keep going and start again by continuing to add new Master Affiliates!