Reliv Opportunity Presentation Video

This video walks you step by step through the great need for Reliv today, the vision that created the company and the products at the core of what we do. It all serves to introduce the main event: The Reliv Opportunity.

Watch as President of Sales and Marketing Tom Pinnock shows you one way to present the new slides. It can also be used to share and present to prospects if you don't have access to the slide presentation. 

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Download Video

To add the video to a device such as a smartphone or tablet, try this: 

1. Download the file to your computer first (see link above)
2. Connect your device to your computer
3. Transfer/save the file to your device (iPhones and iPads must go through iTunes)
4. Login to the Reliv App and click “Videos.” Then just scroll until you find the video. Don’t have the Reliv App? Get it now.