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Reliv’s ProVantage Performance Supplement Adds LunaRich, Earns Patent
Soy protein-based formula delivers more lunasin to promote optimal cell health in athletes


ST. LOUIS, Mo., August 10, 2012 – Reliv International, Inc. (NASDAQ:RELV), announced that it has added LunaRich™ soy powder to its ProVantage® athletic performance supplement. Reliv also announced that ProVantage has earned a U.S. patent. Both announcements were made on opening night of Reliv’s 2012 International Conference at America’s Center in downtown St. Louis.


LunaRich is a Reliv-exclusive whole soy powder containing five to ten times more lunasin than the industry standard. Lunasin is a peptide found naturally in soy that scientists have identified as the key to many of soy’s documented health benefits.


Learn how LunaRich maximizes the benefits of soy.


Lunasin protects against oxidative stress and inflammation caused by high-impact exercise. Over time, this oxidation can cause cell damage throughout the body. Lunasin works to protect cells by reducing the negative effects of oxidative stress and by regulating the body’s inflammatory response.


“Studies show the effectiveness of soy in promoting optimal fitness,” said Dr. Carl Hastings, Reliv’s chief scientific officer. “ProVantage provides healthy soy protein for increased muscle mass and function and now maximizes lunasin content to aid in recovery and repair. No other performance supplement harnesses the power of soy like ProVantage — and now there is a patent to prove it.”


ProVantage’s patented formula contains additional advanced ingredients, such as Tonalin®, MCTs, Creatine, CoQ10 and supercharged amino acids.


Learn why ProVantage marks a major advancement in the science of sports nutrition.


ProVantage becomes the seventh patented Reliv nutritional formula, joining Arthaffect® for joint health, Cellebrate® for weight loss, FibRestore® for digestive health, Innergize!® for performance nutrition, GlucAffect® for blood sugar management and ReversAge® for anti-aging nutrition. Reliv Classic® for essential daily nutrition also earned a patent, but it has since expired.


ProVantage is the fifth Reliv product to contain LunaRich soy powder since the ingredient was introduced in January. Reliv also added LunaRich to Reliv Now®, a daily essential nutrition formula; SoySentials®, a women’s protective supplement; Reliv Now® for Kids and GlucAffect. LunaRich is the first product to come out of the joint biotechnology research and development partnership that Reliv, Soy Labs, LLC and the Missouri Plant Science Center formed in August 2011.

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