Cash Bonus! Cash Bonus! Cash Bonus!

Not only are you still eligible to earn the Puerto Vallarta trip, but we’ve made it so you can have cash in hand (for U.S. and Canada only) when you qualify! Check out these generous cash bonuses:

• $5,000 = 1st Distributorship

• $4,000 = 2nd Distributorship

• $3,000 = 3rd Distributorship

• $2,000 = 4th Distributorship

• $1,000 = 5th Distributorship AND everyone else who earns the trip!

So, as you race to the finish line with the current Puerto Vallarta promotion, think about the breathtaking Mexican resort town and how convenient it will be to already have your spending money for that extra round of golf or an add-on spa treatment — go ahead and splurge! You deserve it!

Now There Are More Ways in December to Get to Puerto Vallarta!

• For those qualifying as Master Affiliates before August 2017 and finishing in the Top 10 PGPV for August - December (based on new volume*) — you earn the trip! You must also minimally break one new Master Affiliate in December.

• For all new Master Affiliates qualifying since August 2017 and finishing in the Top 5 PGPV in December — you earn the trip! Minimum 5,000 PGPV required.

* New volume: derived exclusively from Distributors and customers you personally sponsored and/or purchases you made from August through December 2017.

Last Chance to Earn Free Ground Shipping!

Need one last push toward the Puerto Vallarta promotion? Don’t miss out on this special incentive! Through the end of the year, all new or existing Distributors who are below the 25% profit level and place an order for $500 or more — qualifying them as a Quick Start — will receive free ground shipping on that order! Plus, qualifying Master Affiliate orders will also receive free ground shipping during this promotion!

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