President of Sales & Marketing Tom Pinnock

Tom Pinnock
President of Sales & Marketing

For over three decades, Tom has built and led an organization of tens of thousands of Reliv Distributors. From 1992-1994 he held the position of Senior Vice President of Sales, returning to the field from 1994-2017. He has served as Executive Vice President (2017-2018) of Sales and Marketing and was promoted in 2018 to President of Sales and Marketing. 

My Reliv Regimen: I'm a core nutrition guy. I take Reliv Now® 2-3 times a day, followed by ReversAge® every night and LunaRich X™ capsules. I consider myself a real shakeologist. I love to mix Chocolate Reliv Now® for Kids with Fit3™ Active and make delicious chocolate smoothies.

Staying Active:
I run, walk, and exercise every day with my wife. I also like swimming and hiking and the Fit3™ workouts with Coach Tina. 

 I love to spend time with my granddaughters along with golfing, fishing and writing. 

‘Distributors First’ Means…
Distributors are our most important asset. They are the heartbeat of our company because they are the ones getting our products into every cabinet in the world.  

Favorite Quotes:
 "Find out what other people want and help them to get it." "If you're not having fun, you're done."