Reliv Autoship Program

Autoship Program

Reliv's Autoship Program is a convenient product delivery program that automatically ships reorders to your customers every month — and pays you retail profits directly! You get convenience and consistent volume; your customer gets a 10% discount and a regular product supply. Be sure to share this good news with your prospects today!

Not a Reliv Distributor?
Sign up as a Preferred Customer and select autoship during the checkout process (either monthly or quarterly) to receive a 20% discount on your product purchases!

Get Started: 

  • Customers who currently shop online need to login at as usual and, when checking out, indicate that they would like to autoship their order.

  • To sign up existing customers not currently using online ordering, call 800 RELIV US (735.4887) to receive a customer ID number and password.

  • To sign up new customers, call 800 RELIV US to receive a customer ID number and password or fill out the online application.

  • To sign up by fax or mail, have your customer fill out and submit the preferred customer autoship form.

  • To sign up yourself for autoship, select the autoship option when placing an order online. You can also call 1-800 RELIV US.