New Director and Ambassador Program Changes

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Road to Presidential Director

Effective January 2021

There are some exciting new changes coming in 2021 for both our Director ladder and our Ambassador program. These changes are being made in order to simplify our marketing plan, to meet compliance requirements, and to better identify our leaders of tomorrow. The new Ambassador program will be a worldwide team, and this team will work closely together as we take Reliv to a whole new level. 

There is no doubt that 2021 promises to be the most exciting year in our history. Our new tools are making it easier to do the business than ever before, the need for our products has never been greater, and millions of people are searching for an opportunity. What does that mean to us? It means that we need to help people like never before, and we need to give people hope by finding out what they want, and working hard to see that they get it. That's the Reliv way. 

And in order to double the size of Reliv in 2021, we must have an active, engaged, and motivated group of leaders who are on the same page, saying the same things, and doing the same things. Our motto in the coming year is to work hard, help each other, keep it simple, and have fun. So, let's get started and take a look at our new Director ladder as it goes from Director to Presidential Director.

Keep in mind that advancements include retail, wholesale, and override profits. To advance, half of the earnings must come from overrides.

Earnings = Overrides (OVR), Retail, Wholesale

Director Level
DirectorBreak a frontline MA
Key Director$1,000 earnings (min. $500 from OVR) OR
20,000 PGPV
One-time $500 bonus
Senior Director$2,000 earnings (min. $1,000 from OVR)One-time $1,000 bonus
Master Director$4,000 earnings (min. $2,000 from OVR)One-time $2,000 bonus
Presidential Director$8,000 earnings (min. $4,000 from OVR)One-time $4,000 bonus and PD Ring

*Director level qualification and bonus amounts specific to each international market may vary due to currency differences.

*If someone rank advances two or more levels in same month, each rank advancement bonus is earned.

Global Ambassador Team

Qualify in 2021 for Ambassador Team 2022      

Now, let's take a look at how we're going to build our leadership team of tomorrow. The aim is to keep it simple so that it's easy to understand and explain. Our existing Ambassador Program and benefits will be replaced with a worldwide Ambassador Team! 

  • Invitation program

  • Engaged with the company and Ambassador communications

Continues 2021, and then discontinues January 2022: 

  • Current Ambassador Program and benefits
  • Inner Circle
  • RAP President’s Team

Qualification for Ambassador Team in 2021 and following years:
Qualification occurs during calendar year January-December.

If below Senior Director, then advance to Senior Director, two months in a row, with minimum $1000 earnings from Overrides.  

If current SD, then advance to MD, OR achieve (1) and (2) below
If current MD, then advance to PD, OR achieve (1) and (2) below, OR achieve (3) below.  
If current PD, achieve (1) and (2) below, OR achieve (3) below.

1. All 3 components of Promo 1-2-3 once during 2021
NOTE: Promo 1 qualification: 10 Retail or Preferred Customers

2. Senior Director earnings two months in a row  

 *If bypass SD and go straight to MD, then also 2nd month at SD+ earnings

3. Achieve MD earnings once during the calendar year AND increase annual earnings (retail profit, wholesale profit, overrides) by 5% in 2021 over 2020.

Requalification for Ambassador Team: 
Qualification and requalification for the Ambassador Team in 2023 will occur in 2022. You must requalify for the Ambassador Team each calendar year. 

For example, if you qualify or requalify in April 2022 for the 2023 Ambassador Team, you may participate in communications and bonuses for the remainder of 2022 and all of 2023.  Trip and other incentives to occur in 2023.              

Ambassador Team Bonus:
MD and PD level Ambassador Team members eligible for monthly Ambassador Bonus.

1. Master Directors on the Ambassador Team receive a monthly bonus of 5% of their earnings (OVR, Wholesale, Retail)
*Qualify monthly with $4,000 check (OVR, Wholesale, Retail) and $2,000 from OVR + 50,000 PGPV in 5 Levels

2. Presidential Directors on the Ambassador Team receive a monthly bonus of 10% of their earnings  (OVR, Wholesale, Retail)
*Qualify monthly with $8,000 check (OVR, Wholesale, Retail) and $4,000 from OVR + 100,000 PGPV in 5 Levels

NOTE:  If a PD does not qualify with $8K earnings,($4,000 from OVR), then eligible for MD 5%.

NOTE: Eligibility for monthly Ambassador Team bonuses begins the month following initial qualification.    


MD and PD level Ambassador Team members that either (1) advanced to MD or PD; OR (2) achieve MD earnings once during the calendar year, and achieved each component of “Promo 1-2-3” twice during the calendar year qualify for “Celebration Trip”  

All Ambassador Team members qualify for Leadership Retreat in March for 3 days/2 nights

NOTE: Qualify in 2021 to attend trips in 2022.