Road to Presidential Director

Effective January 2022

Earnings = Overrides (OVR), Retail, Wholesale

Director Level
DirectorBreak a frontline MA
Key Director$1,000 earnings (min. $500 from OVR) OR
20,000 PGPV
One-time $500 bonus
Senior Director$2,000 earnings (min. $1,000 from OVR)One-time $1,000 bonus
Master Director$4,000 earnings (min. $2,000 from OVR)One-time $2,000 bonus
Presidential Director$8,000 earnings (min. $4,000 from OVR)One-time $4,000 bonus and PD Ring

*Director level qualification and bonus amounts specific to each international market may vary due to currency differences.

*If someone rank advances two or more levels in same month, each rank advancement bonus is earned.

Global Ambassador Team

2022 Qualifications and Benefits for the 2023 Global Ambassador Team to be announced soon.