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October 29

Missouri - Branson

Thursday, October 29  6:30PM

With Presidential Bronze Ambassador Rosemary Bell

Victorian Village

3044 Shepard of the Hills

Room 102

Branson, MO

Contact:  Rosemary Bell  (314) 630-9452  rosemarybell.reliv.@gmail.com


November 6 & 7

Missouri - St. Louis

Friday,  6:45PM - 8:15PM  "The Reliv Opportunity"

Saturday,  9:00AM - 11:00AM  "A Business of Changing Lives"

With Presidential Bronze Ambassador, Rosemary Bell

The Lodge of Des Peres

1050 Des Peres Road

Des Peres, MO  63131

Contact:  Cheri Otzenberger  cher4reliv@gmail.com

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