ReversAge Update

As a result of an unforeseen increase in sales, ReversAge is currently out of stock. We are expediting production and anticipate being back in stock within a few weeks. Stock for the Healthy Aging System – Forever pack has been secured and will remain available for purchase. We apologize for any inconvenience and will notify you as soon as ReversAge is back in stock.

Introducing the latest patent breakthrough with Reliv Now® with Soy and LunaRich® X!

We are ecstatic to share the news that Dr. Galvez's groundbreaking research on lunasin and core nutrition has resulted in the issuance of a brand-new patent. This is a momentous achievement worth celebrating and promoting!

Reliv Defense Update

Reliv Defense is now out of stock.  We have already reached out to your customers who have Defense on Autoship so they can adjust their orders. Stay tuned to this space for further news on this this product in the coming weeks.

New Product Videos

Seeking a fast, effortless, and captivating method to showcase a particular Reliv product? Look no further! Explore the video section of your mobile app to discover six new one-minute videos highlighting what makes Reliv products unique. Share one of these videos with a friend to initiate a conversation today. Please note that this exclusive content is only accessible to mobile app users.

Introducing Enhanced Opportunity Slides: Elevating the Reliv Experience!

Reliv is excited to provide you with another dynamic tool to enhance your Reliv journey. Our Opportunity Slides have received a fresh update, boasting a sleek and modern design. With these visually captivating slides, you can effortlessly showcase the incredible benefits that Reliv has to offer. Whether your focus is on our top-quality products, the potential for earning extra income, or the incredible impact of our charitable arm, the Kalogris Foundation, there's something for everyone in this presentation. Share Reliv your way!

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Download Video
Download Video

Promo One

Earn an Additional 10% on RV Bonus!

During the calendar month, personally sponsor 10+ autoship orders (Customers, Preferred Customers, Distributors) who are included in your PGPV and earn additional 10% profit on those autoship orders.

*This promotion has been extended and will end on July 31, 2024.

Road to Platinum

The Road to Platinum Director program is for those who want to build a solid, stable, profitable Reliv business. Building a healthy Distributorship is vital to the ever-changing direct selling industry and your long term Reliv success. 

The need for a supplemental income is greater than it has ever been. Now, more than ever, people are looking for product that optimize their health.  Our message of healthy aging solutions combines science-based nutrition with the power of nature to optimize the aging process.

The past few years have prompted people to take a hard look at the way they earn money. This means millions of people are searching for new ways to supplement their income. 

We can help people get healthier and create an opportunity that allows them to live the life they imagined. On their terms.

The Road to Platinum Director simplifies the marketing plan and rewards people based on their efforts. For full details on this program, download our brochure (presentation format).  Or the print-friendly version is here.

Sandy Montgomery Award

The Sandy Montgomery Award honors Reliv's Co-Founder and First Lady and her mission to “Nourish Our World” in Body, Mind and Spirit. Just like Sandy, this award is special, and it’s an honor to achieve it. This is the most prestigious award Reliv offers. Designed after her favorite flower, the Bird of Paradise, this beautiful award is expertly hand-crafted and hand-blown, so no two are alike. 

How to Earn This Award:
From January 2024 through December 2024, Distributors must achieve 120 autoship orders.

Autoship orders are defined as ANY size personally sponsored autoship order (product orders only) from a Customer (Retail), Preferred Customer on autoship (20%) and Distributor in your PGPV on autoship.

Winners of This Award Will Receive:

  • The prestigious, brand new Sandy Montgomery Bird of Paradise sculpture.  It will be presented to you by a member of the Montgomery family in your home town.
  • Reliv will make a $150 donation on your behalf to the Reliv Kalogris Foundation which will nourish 30 kids in a month.

Why Did We Choose Autoship?

  • Monthly autoship increases your Customer re-order count and retention.
  • Monthly autoship supports the Distributor's maintenance each month.
  • Monthly autoship orders best represent Sandy's passion for helping millions of people benefit from Reliv.