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Top 3 Bonus Is Back!

Be one of our Top 3 in New Volume this month to earn:

1. $3,000

2. $2,000

3. $1,000

Bonuses awarded for highest new volume in a month. "New Volume"* is defined as the following:

  • PGPV in a calendar month for any Distributor or customer registered this month.
  • Personal Volume (PV) not counting any Kalogris donations.
  • All PGPV from qualifying MA volume regardless of when the Distributor registered.
  • Top 3 "New Volume" less than 10,000 PGPV will not qualify
  • Volume must be purchased from Reliv and must be in the new person’s account. 

Earn an Extra $1,000 Bonus!

If your New Volume exceeds 15,000 PGPV in a month, the bonus amount you earned will increase by $1,000!

1. $4,000
2. $3,000
3. $2,000

First Orders Ship Free!

For this month only, we're offering free shipping on first orders of any Reliv product for Customers and Preferred Customers. Share this good news with your prospects now because this offer ends September 30!

New Distributor Kit $20!

Cheaper, faster and better for the planet, we went paperless with our new Distributor enrollment kit! We lowered the price from $40 to just $20 for new US distributors! This promotion is good now through the end of September. Your new Distributors will instantly receive their online enrollment materials digitally – no more waiting for a kit to arrive in the mail to get started. The cost has also been lowered for new Canada Distributors to just $25! Share this good news with your prospects! (Note: the annual renewal fee for Distributors will remain at $40.)

September Promo 1*2*3

Power up with Promo 1!
Sign up three new people at the Quick Start level and earn a $250 bonus. You can earn this bonus more than once!
*Volume must be purchased from Reliv and must be in the new person’s account. 

Move ahead with Promo 2!
Help one of your new Quick Starts get up to Master Affiliate, which earns you another $250 bonus!
*5,000 PV must be purchased from Reliv and must be in the new person’s account.

Take it to the top with Promo 3!
Preferred Customers who sign up for autoship (either monthly or quarterly) will receive a 20% discount on their product purchases! Be sure to share this good news with your prospects today!

Plus! When you sign up three Preferred Customers on autoship in a single month and they each place a product order of 99 PV more, you will receive a $100 Reliv product credit! Get three Preferred Customers placing autoship orders in a single month valued at 200 PV or more and receive a $200 Reliv product credit! Plus, all Preferred Customer autoship orders of 99 PV or more receive FREE SHIPPING! 

Get Free Shipping!

Free Ground Shipping on Quick Start and Master Affiliate Orders

All new or existing Distributors who are below the 25% profit level and place an order for $500 or more that qualifies them as a Quick Start will receive free ground shipping on that order! Plus, qualifying Master Affiliate orders will also receive free ground shipping during this promotion!

Ready to Earn Even More? 

         Find out how you can earn Reliv's highest honors: a Sales Excellence Award and Sandy Montgomery Award