Joint Health: Arthaffect®

Our joints are at the center of every move we make. But the wear and tear of an active lifestyle makes it difficult to maintain healthy joint function. 

Patented Arthaffect provides a breakthrough nutritional solution for lifelong joint health. The formula’s 20+ ingredients work together to optimize joint performance, whether you’re a world-class athlete or simply finding it harder to move freely as you age. No other joint performance formula comes close.

Bottom line: Arthaffect works.

"Twelve-hour days bent over in a kitchen meant severe back pain. After adding Arthaffect® and other Reliv products, I felt great! I was so pleased with my results that I became a

Reliv Distributor."~Domenic Rossi Morris, IL


“Four years ago, joint stiffness in my hand and wrist made it difficult to hold a pencil or paintbrush without pain. Then I found Reliv’s Arthaffect®. Now I can pursue my art as I please.”~Elisa Petree, Arden, NC


“Wouldn't go a day without Arthaffect. Tried many other so-called joint health supplements for years. None had any effect. With Arthaffect, I'm able to do things I did 30 years ago without pain. No shoulder problems from competitive swimming overuse. No knee problems from decades of pounding the pavement. Competing in my first triathalon this weekend. How? One word (well two): Arthaffect and Reliv!” ~ John Coloe, Canton, GA


“When I got back on my bike in December, I began using Arthaffect. After a two-hour-plus ride, I’d be pretty sore, but Arthaffect helped me recover quickly and reduced the inflammation, soreness and pain in my knee. It allows me to train harder and recover faster.” ~ Steve Weiler, Washington State University Cycling Team


“My wife and I have used Arthaffect for fifteen years and the difference has even been medically noted. To be totally functional at 65 — tread mill, hiking, cycling, weights, yoga, on the floor with grandkids and pets — without any meds or any joint issues isn't typical of people our age.” ~ Mike Michelozzi, Kalamazoo, MI


“I am so thankful for Arthaffect. Don't know where I would be or how I would get along today if it wasn't for this product. It has given me quality of life! Thank you, Reliv!” ~ Elizabeth Miller, Littlefork, MN


Arthaffect® - Product Reviews

“I used to only take this when I had a cold, or should I say the beginnings of one... as I've never actually had a proper one since I started taking Reliv! However, I banged my left knee hard a few weeks back... maybe a month, and it's not healing right. I know what I need to start adding every day from today. Thank you Reliv for being able to help our needs. The world IS a better place because of you!” ~ Nikki-Sara Mitchell, Redondo Beach, CA


“My mom loves her Arthaffect. She was not able to make a fist before starting on Arthaffect and now she can. I messed up once and didn't get it ordered on time and she was without for over a week… not good. We never let that happen anymore.” ~ Renea Campbell


"As a child,  I was diagnosed with an orthopedic disease of the joint called Sherman’s Disease, located in my spine. My work as a mechanic involves a lot of leaning and heavy lifting, which is very hard on my back. It used to be that I was so sore in the morning that I would have to roll out of bed and then push myself up to a standing position. I started on Arthaffect nine years ago, and within a few months, I felt solid results with my back pain. Today, I feel better than ever. I will never be without this product!” ~ Jud Jensen, Buckeye, AZ


“When I discovered Arthaffect, I had so much pain and stiffness I could barely use the stairs. I was at the point of giving up. But now I can move freely again! I enjoy hiking, golf — even scuba diving! I will never be without Arthaffect. ~ Sherri Selman, Alpharetta, GA


The statements contained in this material have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The personal testimonials shared reflect individual experiences of Independent Reliv Distributors and are not necessarily typical of the results you may obtain. Reliv products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Arthaffect® Joint Health


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It has.... (Features)

Which means... (Benefits)

A US Patent...…there's only one Arthaffect.
Patented Arthred®, which was proven through $10 million in worldwide clinical trials to support healthy joints……you’ll be protecting your joints from the natural wear and tear of an active lifestyle — allowing you to remain active even longer.
D-glucosamine Hydrochloride, a natural ingredient found in healthy cartilage that has been widely studied……you’ll enjoy greater comfort and better joint function.
Boswellin and Aswagandha……you’ll get the best of traditional medicine with herbs shown to help reduce joint and muscle swelling and relieve discomfort.
A proprietary blend of 20 ingredients hailed by researchers worldwide for their joint support benefits……you’ll receive benefits upfront, while Arthred continues to work longer term to build healthier joints.
Bioperine®……your body will be better able to absorb and use all of the nutrients in Arthaffect.
A low-calorie, protein-rich formula……you can add it to your daily diet without worrying about extra pounds.
These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Arthaffect® Nutritional Panel


Discover the unique blend of ingredients that makes Arthaffect unlike any other nutritional supplement available today.


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