Women's Nutrition:
    SoySentials® with LunaRich®

    SoySentials’ unique blend of soy protein, potent antioxidants, probiotics and herbs gives you an unparalleled nutritional approach to women’s health.

    The formula is powered by LunaRich, Reliv's epigenetic superfood, developed by leading scientists to maximize soy’s documented health benefits. Ingredients work together to promote bone health, support the immune system and ease the symptoms of menopause and PMS to keep you performing at your peak.

    Take control — and take care — with SoySentials.

    SoySentials® - Product Reviews


    “I have just started on SoySentials, and I’ve already seen a change. I can’t wait to see what adding LunaRich can do for me and the other ladies in my life.” ~ Rhonda Martin, Paden, OK


    “What a great idea! I can’t wait to tell all my girlfriends!” ~ Esther Clegg, Royal Oak, MI


    “Hot flashes were a constant part of my day and kept me up through the night. SoySentials helped bring them under control." ~Julie Waterman, North Yarmouth, ME


    "SoySentials® helps me perform my best in every facet of life all month long. You can bet there will always be a can in our house. Never get between a woman and her SoySentials!"~Niki Haas


    “I am thrilled that Reliv has a product that benefits women in all stages of life!”~Gail O’Hanlon Wolfe


    "At age 40, I became menopausal and began experiencing huge mood swings. I could not control my moods, no matter how hard I tried. I started on SoySentials and, within two months, my entire family noticed a huge improvement in my demeanor. At one point early on, I decided to cut back on the product to save money. What a mistake that was! Everyone can see that I am a much calmer and happier person thanks to Reliv! Soysentials helps balance my life as a wife, mom and friend. I believe every woman needs this product!” ~ Carla Pence, Harper, KS


    “Every month, I’d experience discomfort, crabbiness, mood swings — I was not a happy camper. With SoySentials, those PMS issues are a thing of the past. And I know SoySentials will continue to support me nutritionally through menopause and beyond. I feel in control of my life again.” ~ Chris Toriello, North Yarmouth, ME



    The statements contained in this material have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The personal testimonials shared reflect individual experiences of Independent Reliv Distributors and are not necessarily typical of the results you may obtain. Reliv products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

    SoySentials® Women's Nutrition


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    It has.... (Features)

    Which means... (Benefits)

    Reliv’s exclusive LunaRich™ soy powder......you’ve found a nutritional breakthrough — scientifically designed to maximize soy’s documented health benefits.
    10 grams of soy protein, rich in phytoestrogens and antioxidants……it helps alleviate common menopause symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats and forgetfulness; promotes healthy cholesterol levels; maintains normal blood sugar levels and promotes bone health.
    Unique herbal complex, including black cohosh, chasteberry, dong quai, licorice root, red clover, wild Mexican yam, green tea extract and more……you’ll be promoting overall wellness, from maintaining healthy cholesterol levels to supporting the immune system, as you combat the symptoms of menopause and PMS..
    Protykin®, an antioxidant and cardioprotectant……you can reduce hot flashes, balance mood swings, improve bone density and promote cardiovascular health.
    Other potent antioxidants, such as CoQ10 and grape seed extract……it protects cells from free radical damage, promotes heart health and supports the immune system.
    Calcium, an important mineral……it reduces bone loss and strengthens bones, and may improve ratio of good cholesterol to bad cholesterol.
    B-complex vitamins, including folic acid……you’ll be helping to produce and maintain new cells, and to lower cholesterol and heart disease risk.
    Vitamin E, an antioxidant……it boosts immunity, reduces heart disease risk and promotes proper functioning of nerves and muscles.
    These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

    Reliv’s scientific approach to optimal nutrition offers more than you can find in any ordinary women’s soy supplement on the market. That’s because SoySentials is much more. We challenge you to find a better women’s supplement on any store shelf!


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     Reliv's SoySentials®Aria® Vanilla Soy Powder
     Serving Size 1 scoop (22g) 2 scoops (20g)
     Calories 70 80
     Calories From Fat 0 10
     Total Fat 0% 2%
     Total Carbohydrate 2% 1%
     Dietary Fiber 8% 0%
     Sugars 5g 3g
     Protein 20% 28%
     Vitamin B-6 75% 0%
     Vitamin C 120% 0%
     Vitamin E 420% 2%
     Folic Acid 90% 100%
     Calcium 70% 28%
     Iron 11% 8%
     Phosphorus 30% 50%
     Sodium 4% 6%
     Potassium 4% 2%
     Soy Isoflavones 20mg 17mg
     LunaRich™ Soy PowderYes No
     Inulin Yes No
     Cranberry Fruit Yes No
     Coenzyme Q10 Yes No
     Alpha-Lipoic Acid Yes No

     Extract of Grape Seed

     Yes No
     Ipriflavone Yes No



     Yes No
     Protykin® Yes No
     Licorice Root Yes No
     Hops Yes No
     Dandelion Root Yes No
     Foenugreek Seed Yes No
     Red Clover Tops Yes No
     Nettle Root Yes No
     Horse Chestnut Seed Yes No
     Chasteberry Yes No
     Green Tea Extract Yes No
     Oriental Ginseng Yes No
     Wild Yam Root Yes No
     Dong Quai Root Yes No
     Black Cohosh Root Yes No
     Beet Root Yes No
     Stevia Leaf Yes No

    SoySentials® Nutritional Panel


    Discover the unique blend of ingredients that makes SoySentials unlike any other nutritional supplement available today.


    Download nutritional panel (pdf)


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