Reliv Web Bundle

Take your business online! For just $15/month the Reliv Web Bundle includes your Personal Website, Distributor Dashboard and the Mobile App.

Special offers!

1. New Distributors get a free 30-day trial after signup. After that it’s just $15/month and you can cancel anytime. Plus! Master Affiliates, enjoy your first 3 months FREE once you order the Bundle for the first time. As you complete the check-out process, the totals you see will not be billed until after the three-month trial period.

2. New Distributors who become a Certified Reliv Independent Distributor within the first 90 days will get the Web Bundle free for 90 days! Once you are certified, you will be directed to sign up for the Web Bundle. You will not be charged for the first 90 days.

The Reliv Web Bundle Includes...

1. Personal Website 

  • Give Reliv presentations anytime, anywhere through your mobile device.
  • Add customers and Distributors on the spot with your own shopping cart and online sponsoring.
  • Customize your site with your personal info and select pages you want to highlight.
  • Tell the Reliv story through ready-to-go web pages and dozens of Reliv’s top videos.
  • Take the guided video tour to learn more.

2. Distributor Dashboard - Immediate, 24/7 access to information on all activity in your organization and online tools to track, manage and grow your business.

3. Mobile App - Note: you must first complete the checkout process before you can login to the App. Available in the App Store for iPhone users and the Google Play Store for Android users. Just search Reliv International. Login using your RCN and Password. (Note: Depending on your state, taxes may be applied on $4 of the $15.)

  • Get instant notifications when you have new activity (new order, new customer, new Distributor and more)
  • View your latest personal group activity including sales data, new signups and rank advancements
  • Track breakaway volume and look up member details
  • Track your personal group orders and volume
  • Easily share videos & websites with recruits – we’ll notify you as soon as someone has viewed so you can instantly follow up!
  • Track recruit’s activities and follow up by email, text or phone
  • Easily sign someone up
  • Check out the corporate event calendar
  • Access latest training, tools, videos & podcasts
  • Shop for products, sales aids & gear