Reliv Distributor Tools


Now it's easier than ever to tell new people about Reliv! Looking for tools in Spanish? 

 Opportunity Presentation Video & Slides

How to Present the Reliv Opportunity 

Watch this short video to see the 4 ways Reliv can help people get better health, earn from home, create a happier lifestyle and give back. No time to prepare? No problem! Simply press play and let this video do the work for you! 

Looking for a short video you can share with your prospects? Share the opportunity teaser video with them! 

Download Video
Download Video

The videos in the Powerpoint presentation will play the best if your version of Powerpoint is more recent than 2010. The latest version is optimal. The file size is very large for both versions of the presentation. Please allow several minutes or more (depending on the speed of your WiFi connection) to complete the download after clicking.

Once you have downloaded, please open and run the presentation in “slideshow” mode as you would any other Reliv presentation. For the version with videos, the five videos within the presentation should play automatically as you click on each slide with your mouse.  If for some reason you are not getting the videos to automatically play, you can use your mouse to click the Play arrow that will appear when you move your mouse to the bottom of the video slide. Use the online viewer below and download your copy here:

Facebook & Instagram Hashtag Graphics

Click each graphic to download individually.

Social Media Graphics & Stickers

Click each graphic to download individually.

Facebook & Instagram Recipes

Click each graphic to download individually. 

Thank You Cards for Customers

Download and personalize these cards and postcards and send them to your customers as a thank you for their business! You can have them professionally printed or email them, and even include a special offer to encourage their next purchase!
Note: each card includes a separate file for the front and the back, so be sure to upload both files when printing these. 

Card 1

Card 2

Card 3

Card 4

Card 5

Postcard 1

Postcard 2

Postcard 3

Postcard 4

Postcard 5


Reliv Posters (11x17 and 22x28)

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Brochures, Catalogs & Flyers

Business Tools

Special Event Flyer Templates

Simply choose the option you like best and fill in your event details. We recommend using the free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader to easily add in your event details. 

Special Event Postcard

This editable postcard is a simple way to invite your prospects to your next Reliv party! Simply download it, edit it digitally or have it professionally printed and handwrite your invitation! 

Product Cards

24K®product card
Arthaffect®product card
CardioSentials®product card
FibRestore®product card
GlucAffect®product card
Innergize!®product card
Innergize!® Goproduct card
LunaRich®product card
LunaRich® Xproduct card
ProVantage®product card
Reliv Classic®product card
Reliv Now® with Soyproduct card
Reliv Now® with Wheyproduct card
Reliv Now® for Kidsproduct card
ReversAge®product card
RLV 750mgproduct card
RLV Sleepproduct card
SoySentials®product card