Business Tools

Success requires the right tools for the job. Reliv has developed a range of professional business tools designed to help you introduce Reliv to new people and effectively run your business.

Web Bundle
Get access to a Personal Website, the Distributor Dashboard and the Mobile App. Learn more.
Retail: $15.00
Reliv Mobile App

Take your Reliv business to the next level and on-the-go with the Reliv Mobile App. Learn more.

Retail: $4.00
Product Catalog

Reliv's product catalog makes it easy to shop for Reliv products! You’ll learn about starting with Step 1: Core Nutrition, and then Step 2: Customizing your shake with Targeted Solutions. Learn more

Retail: $10.00
Product Information Brochure

Give your prospects an overview of the Reliv nutritional product line with this full-color bi-fold brochure.
Learn more. 

Retail: $4.00
ICSAR Getting Started Guide

Use our simple five-step plan to learn how to build your business from the very beginning.
Learn more. 

Retail: $10.00
Decision Tool

The “Decision Tool” makes it easy for you to walk someone through the different avenues of income after you’ve presented the Reliv story.
Learn more.

Retail: $4.00
Opportunity Presentation Book

This 16-page book outlines the need for Reliv today, the Reliv vision and the amazing products. Learn more. 

Retail: $10.00
Distributor Annual Renewal Fee

Your renewal fee of just $40 keeps your Distributorship current for another 12 months. Learn more. 

Retail: $40.00
Kalogris Donation

It's easier than ever to give back and help provide nutrition to malnourished children all over the world through the Reliv Kalogris Foundation! Learn more. 

Retail: $1.00
Epigenetics and Reliv Brochure

This brochure guides new people through epigenetics and how to get started on a LunaRich® health program. Learn more. 

Retail: $2.50
LunaRich Opportunity Brochure

This four-page brochure outlines the epigenetic science of LunaRich and how it represents a growing business opportunity. Learn more.

Retail: $3.00
Fit3 Shaker Cup

An essential business tool and a great way to enjoy your shake after a workout! Scoop in your Reliv products, the liquid of your choice and shake it up! Learn more.

Retail: $5.00
Merchandise Bag

Deliver your product orders like a pro. Reliv-branded bags help your business look like a business. Learn more.

Retail: $15.00
Retail Customer Receipt

Your go-to retail receipt for use with customer sales. Learn more. 

Retail: $5.00
Fit3 Program Guide

From daily nutrition plans to grocery list ideas, The Fit3TM Program Guide contains all of the resources and worksheets your new customer needs to build healthy habits.

Retail: $2.00
Shake Party Box

Throw a home shake party and watch your Reliv business grow! Learn more.

Retail: $35.00
Product Training Cards

Now you can quickly and easily study the key features and benefits of the entire Reliv product line! Learn more.

Retail: $5.00
Shake Party Swag Bag

Hosting a shake party or event? These Swag Bags are the perfect goodie bags for your guests! Learn more.

Retail: $6.00