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Profits Paid Weekly!

U.S. Distributors who are eligible for a retail and/or wholesale payment, and are signed up for ACH (direct deposit), will receive their
retail/wholesale payment in their selected bank account by Friday of each week.

Take a look at the following details: 

• Each Wednesday the earnings for the week are calculated with payment deposited into the Distributor's account by Friday.

• All paid orders since the previous weekly process will be paid out each Friday.

• Weekly payouts apply to U.S. Distributors and U.S. orders only.

• Weekly commissions will be paid by PV period; therefore, the first week of the month, a Distributor may see two separate deposits in his/her bank account. 

• Since the timing of the monthly and weekly process overlaps during the first week of the month, some retail/wholesale commissions may get paid during the monthly process.

• Statements will only be created during the monthly process and will indicate which orders were paid out during the weekly process.  

• Distributors who have the Reliv Mobile App will receive a notification of payment on Fridays.

• Distributors' Dashboard will have a new “Alert” showing all weekly payments by month.

• Payment amounts by order will be reported in the Distributor Dashboard and the Mobile App under "Metrics."

Any adjustments which may impact calculated earnings will be reconciled during the monthly commission process.

Business FAQs 

How do we calculate our packaging and handling (P&H) charges?
Our P&H charges are a minimum of $10 per shipment (on orders under $200), 5% when the retail amount is $200-$499.99, 4% for orders $500-$1,499.99, 3% for orders $1,500-$2,999.99, and 2% for orders of $3,000 and above.

Why is sales tax charged on orders shipped out of state?
The sales tax on every order is based on the "ship to" address. All sales tax collected is submitted to individual cities and states where the product is being shipped. This is a service we provide to our Distributors.

Why do I pay sales tax and P&H on the retail price?
When a Distributor purchases items with a wholesale discount, the items are being resold, so sales tax and shipping and handling is being reimbursed to the Distributor for the same amount paid. Please refer to section F.4 of Reliv’s Policies & Procedures for more information on sales tax.

Why do we have a point system for products and why does it differ in different countries?
The reason we have a point volume, business volume and retail volume is because of the international markets and the different currency in each market. This way a Distributor can sponsor internationally and still be paid based on the compensation plan for his or her country.

What happens when I order an item that is temporarily unavailable?
In most cases your product or sales aids would be placed on backorder and shipped to you upon receipt of the out-of-stock item.

What is the Master Affiliate requalification?
Master Affiliate is the only profit level that requires requalification on an annual basis. To retain benefits and 40% buying privileges, Master Affiliates must requalify at least once during the requalification period (February to January). To requalify, Master Affiliates must meet the same requirements necessary for initial qualification: 

1. achieve 5,000 PGPV in a single month. If the 5,000 PGPV is volume being used to qualify a new Master Affiliate, an additional 1,000 PGPV unencumbered* must be achieved for a minimum total of 6,000 PGPV.

2. achieve 3,000 PGPV per month during two consecutive months with a minimum 1,000 PGPV unencumbered* each month. 

*Unencumbered volume is any volume that is not being used to qualify a new Master Affiliate. 

What is PVQ and how does it affect my Distributorship?
Personal Volume Qualification (PVQ) is a 100 point monthly volume requirement Master Affiliates must meet to enjoy all MA benefits. Fully qualified Master Affiliates can designate these 100 PV points in an order or through Reliv’s PVQ protection program program. Those 100 points are rolled up to the first fully qualified upline Master Affiliate. When a Master Affiliate designates a PVQ order, he remains eligible for overrides, bonuses and contests during that month. This program also encourages Master Affiliates to sponsor and develop downline Master Affiliates. Since PVQ points roll up to the upline MA, those points contribute to the upline MAs monthly maintenance requirements.

Can I display the Reliv products in a retail outlet?
The Reliv products are only sold through Independent Reliv Distributors. This provides the one-on-one support needed when it comes to explaining product benefits and allows the Distributor to work closely with the customers and share their experiences.

What information is needed to be tax exempt?
To be tax exempt, you must fax or mail a copy of your state tax registration or license received from your state as well as a Uniform Sales & Use Tax Certificate stating you are a reseller of the product. You can obtain the certificate in the Forms section of Reliv’s Distributor Portal.

How do I ensure my Lifestyle subscription does not lapse?
A Distributor can ensure continuous access to Reliv publications by paying the $40.00 annual renewal fee on the yearly anniversary. This confirms a Distributor’s status as active and Reliv’s Lifestyle magazine should come uninterrupted for one year.

How do I get reimbursed for a customer’s return of products?
Reliv offers and requires each Independent Reliv Distributor to offer a 100% unconditional money-back guarantee to all retail customers.  Every Reliv Distributor is required to honor this guarantee.  If your retail customer is dissatisfied with a Reliv product for any reason, the customer may return the product to you within 30 days for either a replacement or a full refund of the purchase price.  Reliv will replace the returned product to the Distributor if, within seven days after the product is returned to you, Reliv receives the following:

  • A signed customer request for refund form with a statement from the retail customer identifying the reasons for return;
  • A copy of the original retail customer sales receipt form; and
  • The unused portion of the product, including cans.

As always, if you have any questions regarding your Reliv Distributorship, please refer to Reliv’s Policies and Procedures, contact your upline or call Reliv’s Distributor Relations Department at 800.735.4887.

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