Which Immune Support Product is Right for Me?

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RLV Protect Hemp + LunaRich X

Fast Results & Rapid Absorption

The only hemp extract product available with lunasin! RLV Protect Hemp + LunaRich® X is a simple and convenient solution to support healthy aging and help you combat daily stress*. Available in the new single-serve snap packets.

Retail: $112.00
Immunity Support Stack

Comprehensive Immune Support 

The Immunity Support Stack takes the guesswork out of which products to pair and features three products that work together synergistically for comprehensive immune support. It’s now easier than ever to keep your immune system in fighting shape and improve your overall well-being! Plus, save $10 on these products when you buy the stack!

Retail: $170.00
LunaRich® X

Daily, Affordable Immune Support 


Affordable and convenient capsules with bioavailable lunasin. This concentrated lunasin extract is a super-nutrient for healthy aging and cellular health. It supports the immune system, weight loss, heart health and metabolic wellness.  LunaRich X is only available from Reliv.


Retail: $45.00
Reliv Defense

Advanced Immune Support 


With adaptogens, beta glucan and other immune supporting ingredients.

Prime your immune system with a proprietary blend of elderberry, echinacea, zinc, ginseng, and more. Plus, two sources of beta glucan (yeast and algae) for advanced immune support.

Retail: $72.00