Reliv New Distributor Get Started

Welcome to Reliv! Let's Get You Started! 

Step 1: Get Connected

Sign up for emails and text RELIVUS to 1-833-217-4524 to add your phone number to our U.S. texting list.

Step 2: Get The Reliv Mobile App or Web Bundle

Run your Reliv business on the go! New Distributors get a free 30-day trial of the Reliv Mobile App or the Reliv Web Bundle after signup! Click here to see which option is right for you. 

Step 3: Watch Our Training Videos

Check out the videos below now so you start earning right away!

Step 4: Visit the Distributor Resource Center

From order forms and applications to continued success training and stories to share with prospects, you'll find everything you need here to grow your business. Remember to work with your sponsor! 

Get to know the Reliv products

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Get to Know the Reliv Compensation Plan

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Get Started with ICSAR (Identify, Connect, Share, Ask & Register)

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How to Identify Your Customers

You will need the ICSAR Getting Started Guide for this video

How to Connect with Someone About Reliv

Share a video in the Reliv mobile app for an easy way to Connect! 

Reliv Mobile App

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How to Share Reliv with Someone

Set up appointments to share the Reliv presentations and look for a Reliv event
near you! 

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How to Ask for a Decision

Reliv's Decision Tool makes this step easy! 

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How to Register Someone New

Sign someone up online or with our order forms

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