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5 ( Non-Food) Ways to Treat Yourself and Still Enjoy Fall Flavors

With so many delicious fall treats tempting you, how can you enjoy the season without overindulging? These suggestions will have you loving every moment of the season while staying healthy! Read more

Why Supplement For Weight Loss

Can supplementing with optimal nutrition help you achieve success with weight loss efforts? Learn more about the relationship between nutrition and metabolism in this article. Read more

Why You Should Do Every Fit3 Challenge

Every new Fit3 Challenge is an opportunity to rededicate yourself to living healthy, and it might even help grow your business! Find out how in this post on the Reliv blog. Read more

How Women's Nutritional Needs Change

We all know that our bodies change as we age, but what does this mean for a woman's nutritional needs? Learn how to take the best care of your body at every age with Reliv! Read more

What We Learned At The Girlfriends’ Getaway!

When you get a large group of women together, magic happens. The Girlfriends' Getaway was a life-changing experience filled with inspiration and motivation. Read more

What's Your Why?

How can you stay motivated even in your weakest moments? It all goes back to defining your "Why." Read more

What It's Like To Be A Fit3 Champion

What happens when you win a Fit3 Challenge? You are pampered, celebrated and make lifelong friendships! Read more

Why Patience Is A Fit3 Virtue

Fit3 Head Coach Tina Van Horn, offers her secret strategy for combating impulsive, feel-good-in-the-moment decisions that can often sabotage a fitness plan. Read more

How To Mix Up Your Workout Routine

Forming steady exercise habits is part of the Fit3 lifestyle, but it's also good to try out different workouts! Read more

How Often Should I Weigh In?

As you adopt healthier habits, you may be wondering when you'll start to see results on or off the scale. Read more

What Does Healthy Look Like?

We all have our ideas of what a healthy person looks like, but it's not as black and white as you may think. Read more

Why Fitness Friends Are So Important

Build a support system to encourage your journey toward a healthier lifestyle. Read more

4 Strength Training Tips Everyone Should Know

it’s time to get serious about adding strength training to your workouts, whether you’re at home or in the gym. Read more

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